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'Cause all the cool kids are doing it...

Give me one or more characters, and I'll tell you:

First impression
Impression now
Favorite moment
Idea for a story
Unpopular opinion
Favorite relationship
Favorite headcanon

Suggestions of fandoms: White Collar, Person of Interest, Firefly, Castle, Avatar: tLA & Legend of Korra, Harry Potter, Star Wars (excluding ep. 7)
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Because it looks fun.

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I saw this meme and decided to steal it from [ profile] veleda_k (because I really have soooooo much free time :D ). My updated Master list can be found here.

Give me the titles of one or more fics I've written, and the numbers you want me to answer for it.

1: What inspired you to write the fic this way?
2: What scene did you first put down?
3: What's your favorite line of narration?
4: What's your favorite line of dialogue?
5: What part was hardest to write?
6: What makes this fic special or different from all your other fics?
7: Where did the title come from?
8: Did any real people or events inspire any part of it?
9: Were there any alternate versions of this fic?
10: Why did you choose this pairing for this particular story?
11: What do you like best about this fic?
12: What do you like least about this fic?
13: What music did you listen to, if any, to get in the mood for writing this story? Or if you didn't listen to anything, what do you think readers should listen to to accompany us while reading?
14: Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?
15: What did you learn from writing this fic?
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…after three full days of trying to work on my BB, I have 119 additional words and I still haven’t even started getting close to the actual the plot, which, WOW, that bad. So I’m doing this very low-stress, “let’s invite the Muses back” meme.

I picked the prompts from the gen bingo com that I reasonably liked and numbered them 1-400. Give me any number from that range (1-400) and I’ll create… something. It might be a one-sentence fill, a drabble, an art thingy, a micro-piece of meta or a noodle picture if that’s where the Muses go. You can also give me a character or a pairing in addition to the number, but no promises that I’ll use them… remember, “low-stress” is the key phrase here.

And if you want to (low-stress), you can ask for a prompt in return and then fill it in whatever way you want (and possibly give me another number).

Anyone wants to play? :)

In other news, my brother's medication finally started working (somewhat), so while still in pain, he is now eating more reasonably than before. Hopefully the improvement will continue and he will be fine in a few days... Thanks everyone who has posted their well-wishes - it really helped!
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Because this is still fun :)

Ask me anything about creating art.
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Yay, these memes are fun :)

Ask Me Anything About My Writing

AMA Meme

Aug. 19th, 2015 10:07 am
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Aw, why not. Borrowed from everyone else.

Ask me anything.
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Got inspired by [ profile] elrhiarhodan, so I decided to play too :)

1. What is something that you loved doing as a kid that you hate doing now?
Mmm, honestly I’m not sure… I can’t really think of anything? I guess I don’t like some board games the way I did when I was a kid, but “hate” is too strong a word for that. And I’m pretty indifferent to most card games, but then I was never a huge fan of these either.

2. What is something that you hated doing as a kid that you love doing now?
Ah, several things :) I used to dislike shop visits and I hated clothes shopping with a passion. But at some point, it stopped being torture and became fun - I guess the difference is that now I’m free to dress however I want (within my budget :D ). So part of clothes shopping is trying to determine who I am, and discovering my own identity in that regard, and in a way it’s a playful occasion – I can try out these things I know I probably won’t buy and play “dress-up” or try on different personalities. It can be fun :D

3. Do you still play (in the childhood sense of the word)?
All the time :)

4. If not, what is stopping you? n/a

5. If so, what do you like to play?
I still love playing with trains and stuff (and Lego – see my rueful post a few months ago when my second-youngest brother packed away the Duplo firemen station claiming he was “too big” for it – with no regard at all for his adult siblings who still want to play with it). Also, I love climbing the trees (can’t get so high as before though, party because of the annoying self-preservation instincts and partly because I’m not light enough anymore). And chase games, hide and seek… Really, growing up is overrated :D

If you want to play too, the link to the webpage can be found here .
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I got tagged by [ profile] aragarna for this meme – the task is to pull seven lines from the seventh page of your WIP and then tag seven other writers. I’m not sure who has been tagged already, but if anyone on my flist wants to play too, I’m hereby tagging them :)

After just posting my RBB I wasn’t sure I had a WIP with seven pages until I remembered this story that I’ve been meaning to finish for a while:

Acting on instinct, Sara reaches into her purse before she realizes she has neither her gun nor her baton. She curses Britain’s paranoid weapon laws and instead quietly pulls out an umbrella from the nearby stand. She should call the police – and maybe the alcohol in her veins is still influencing her actions, because she might just be about to get herself killed – she presses her back against the wall as she carefully moves inside –

There is someone sitting in her armchair.

Sara’s breath gets caught in her throat.
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I've noticed this going around and finally decided to gank it from [ profile] elrhiarhodan.

The first five ghouls who come trick-or-treating at my door will get at least a three-sentence drabble written.

Just comment with "trick or treat!" and leave me a prompt or just a preferred pairing or ‘verse if you want to be surprised. Then go ahead and post this in your own journal so I can come trick-or-treating at your place!
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I got tagged by [ profile] elrhiarhodan. I chose to do the seven sentences of the seventh paragraph on the seventh page of seven WIPs (okay, too many sevens, even though they are supposed to be my lucky number). A few of them didn’t have enough pages so I was forced to improvise. Some of these are abandoned, some not – feel free to guess.

1. Butterflies )

2. Late night conversations )

3. Vested interest AU )

4. Perspective )

4. Cats and con men )

6. Mob connections )

7. Conspiracies II, aka the BB – surprisingly non-spoilery )

Heee :D Okay, fun time’s over – now I really need to write before family descends on me and forces me to help with remodeling the bedroom of doom. Eeek.

Taking a page from angelita’s book - if anyone from flist wants to play, you’re hereby tagged :)
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Yanked from [ profile] angelita26, because I need to be working on my BB, so naturally it's the best time to start a meme:

There are forty writerly questions below the cut. Take a look and give me the numbers for up to four of the questions, and I’ll answer them the best that I can.

Forty Questions )

Movie Meme

May. 15th, 2014 09:05 am
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... because all the "cool kids" are doing it

Everyone should post their ten most CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL-ASS movies, like the movies that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnations (not necessarily your ten favorite movies but the ten movies that you, as a person existing currently, feel would help people get to know you) (they can change later on obviously).

1) Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

2) Musíme si pomáhat (in English known as "Divided we fall") - a very strong, very "Czech" movie about Czechoslovakia occupied by Nazis. A story of an ordinary childless couple who hides a Jew in their flat not because they're particularly brave, but because it's the decent thing to do; a simple story of many themes but above all of humanity and redemption.

3) Kolja (eng. "Kolya") - a beautiful and very complex Czech movie about an old man who forms an unlikely relationship with a little Russican boy in Czechoslovakia occupied by the Russian army

4) Shrek

5) Bridget Jones's Diary

6) Anička s lískovými oříšky - it's a Czech fairytale movie (pretty dark one actually. Some people said it gave them nightmares.). There's supposedly a prince and a romance somewhere, but to me, the main story line is about a witch, her daughter and step-daughter who is cursed by her step-mum when the prince falls in love with her. From that point, it's the best story about sister love that I've ever seen.

7) The Last Samurai

8) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

9) all six Star Wars movies

10) Tai-toi!

And now I want to make a "Ten Czech (Czechoslovakian) absolutely "must-see" movies"", because there are many that haven't made it on this list but are absolutely fabulous. (Like Malá mořská víla - "The little mermaid" from 1976 - it's extremely beautiful and very sad with no bad guys there. Or the numerous Czech comedies. Or all the Svěrák movies. Or plenty other czech fairytales. Or... well. Lots of movies.)


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