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We’ve come to the end, watched the final episode, closed the book on this absolutely fantastic show. And just like the rest of it, this last episode was absolutely brilliant.

Honestly, I don’t think this show has ever disappointed me. There were moments of joy, moments of terrible heartbreak, moments that made me laugh and other that made me think, question and contemplate. It’s funny how it started – a seemingly trivial premise like countless other procedural shows; and then it went on, broke all the rules and became so much more. I fell in love with all those characters and their relationships, with the storyline, the brilliant storytelling, the shocking twists, the way the show didn’t pull its punches and yet told a moving, gorgeous, very human story about friendships, love and redemption. I honestly think this is one of the shows that only got better with each new season (CBS I hate you.)

The finale stayed loyal to all of that; probably the best conclusion to a TV series I’ve ever seen.
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I loved that show. I loved the finale. There may have been a couple tears too.
And now I maybe need some tissues.
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…that this movie might not be entirely great?
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I came upon the franchise pretty late – I didn’t know there were any books, and when I saw the posters of a perfectly looking Katniss with a bow and fire behind her, that effectively killed my desire to watch the films. Then when I got the books for Christmas, I ignored them for half a year (mostly because of “love triangle” and “another Twillight” comments), until I finally gave them a shot in a rare moment of boredom. And then I completely fell in love with the series about quarter into book one, and I had to watch the movies too.

So, this was the first HG movie that I saw in the cinema.

(BTW, I really think that Hunger Games are one of those cases when knowing the books is kind of a requirement if you want to enjoy the movies. The books made me like the movies, the movies made me love the books more, and so on.)

As for this last movie, it probably won’t be my favorite, but I’d say they did quite well with it. They get huge plus points for keeping the action scenes to a reasonable amount (which was my main concern for the movie), and more plus points for sticking close to the book. All in all, I liked most of the “character scenes” there, and for the most part they handled the tone very well. I wish they had skipped the epilogue (which is darker and much less saccharine in the books), but if it had to be there, it was… okay. What also didn’t work quite so well for me was the soundtrack, but I might need another viewing to judge that (I loved the music of the first three Hunger Game movies, so my expectations were rather high on that).

Overall, I wouldn’t call it fantastic or mind-blowing, but it was still pretty good and a worthy conclusion to the whole series.
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Because this is still fun :)

Ask me anything about creating art.
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...and apparently children aren't high on the list.

"Klokánek" (The Kangaroo group) is a non-profit organisation that runs a system of family homes and apartments; it's there for childen whose families suddenly fall into a bad social situation, for kids who lost their parents and are waiting to be adopted or put into foster-care etc. The kids are living in small family-like groups with "Aunts" and "Uncles" who take care of them, usually two adults per three or four kids, and unlike the usual orphanages, siblings almost always remain together even if there is an age difference. All in all, it's a system that tries to make it as easy as possible for the kids, and it works really well ... or it used to, until the government interfered two years ago and passed a new law, cutting their funding, stating that there could be only 28 kids in each home, with absolutely no care about what happens to the kids who are above that count.

The leaders of Klokánek protested, but our so-called "Minister of Social Care" didn't listen. Klokánek then didn't get rid of these "excess" kids, but still kept them there despite the cuts in their funding - which, not surprisingly, left the group in debt. They repeatedly begged the state for more money - money that is just a tiny drop in the country's budget - but today, the government denied them for the last time, which means now they'll have to close eight out of the 28 homes to stabilize their finances.

The really maddening part is that the state doesn't care what happens to the children who will have to leave. Case in point, in April when the first two Klokánek homes were closed, a group of siblings was moved from there to a juvie for boys. Nobody cared that the kids haven't done anything wrong, or that one of them was a girl - the state didn't have free places for all of them in another facility, so they just stuck them to the juvie, problem solved. State knows the best.

But hey, who gives a fuck about some unwanted kids in group homes. Well done, you so-called "socialist" government. Well done indeed.
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Yay, these memes are fun :)

Ask Me Anything About My Writing

AMA Meme

Aug. 19th, 2015 10:07 am
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Aw, why not. Borrowed from everyone else.

Ask me anything.
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So my vacation isn’t exactly going as planned (it’s been raining for two days, therefore, no swimming). On the upside, I used the time to finish Season 4 of POI – I’d never have this amount of free time on my hands otherwise.

Thoughts about the show (spoilers) )
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Got inspired by [ profile] elrhiarhodan, so I decided to play too :)

1. What is something that you loved doing as a kid that you hate doing now?
Mmm, honestly I’m not sure… I can’t really think of anything? I guess I don’t like some board games the way I did when I was a kid, but “hate” is too strong a word for that. And I’m pretty indifferent to most card games, but then I was never a huge fan of these either.

2. What is something that you hated doing as a kid that you love doing now?
Ah, several things :) I used to dislike shop visits and I hated clothes shopping with a passion. But at some point, it stopped being torture and became fun - I guess the difference is that now I’m free to dress however I want (within my budget :D ). So part of clothes shopping is trying to determine who I am, and discovering my own identity in that regard, and in a way it’s a playful occasion – I can try out these things I know I probably won’t buy and play “dress-up” or try on different personalities. It can be fun :D

3. Do you still play (in the childhood sense of the word)?
All the time :)

4. If not, what is stopping you? n/a

5. If so, what do you like to play?
I still love playing with trains and stuff (and Lego – see my rueful post a few months ago when my second-youngest brother packed away the Duplo firemen station claiming he was “too big” for it – with no regard at all for his adult siblings who still want to play with it). Also, I love climbing the trees (can’t get so high as before though, party because of the annoying self-preservation instincts and partly because I’m not light enough anymore). And chase games, hide and seek… Really, growing up is overrated :D

If you want to play too, the link to the webpage can be found here .
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Last July, the Czech singer Michal Hrůza was beaten up by two men after he first tried to break up their fight and then tried to call the police when they wouldn’t listen to him. The initial prognoses were grim; he suffered a severe head injury, bled into his brain, had to be operated on and spent two weeks in artificial sleep. He has spent the following months recovering; a while ago, he started practicing with his band again and then finally yesterday he had his first concert.

He can’t remember his texts fully anymore, so when his fans heard of his memory issues, they got him an e-reader. He used it yesterday in the concert – and despite that, the concert was a huge success. Most importantly, he’s back and he’s singing again – this act of violence didn’t rob him of his life, his love for music and his skill as a musician.

I was never really much of his fan, but I’ve been following his story ever since he was injured. If this isn’t a happy ending, I don’t know what is.

If you want to hear a sample, you can listen to his “Namaluj Svítání” (“Paint the sunshine”) at youtube.
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... and I really don't know what to think. On its own, I rather liked it, but in context of the previous week it feels completely off.
Warning: Spoilers )

Really, I think this episode should have happened either earlier or later in the season. Am I the only one who feels that way?
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While the legal system in my country works mostly fine, there are still things that could be improved. One of the bigger issues is that we don't have a decent system to handle the less serious crimes - it's either probation or hard time in prison. A few years back, the government finally introduced the "house arrest" option, but it's still only a very small minority of criminals who get this opportunity.

To change that, the tracking anklets were supposed to be introduced next year. Unfortunately, due to some mess at the ministry, they can't agree on the company that would supply the anklets, so the whole project was postponed yet again.

Damn bureaucrats.

(And does every WC fanfic writer feel like they assumed an unnatural knowledge of the legal system and prison issues? Jut saying...)
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... which then turned into a bit of a Castle marathon as I went back to some episodes in Season 5 (I figured I've earned the break). It felt so great to rewatcch those episodes!

It's funny because I wasn't that crazy about the show when I first started watching it. I gave it a shot because it had Nathan Fillion and White Collar was on a break, and it turned out to be quite decent - I liked it, but didn't really love it. Then at some point, I stopped seeing it as the "filler" show for when WC isn't on and began to love it for its own merits.

I so enjoyed the finalle, and frankly most of the latest episodes (and season 5... and 4... and those before). I could gush for a long long time, but, just - Beckett. That woman is so freaking amazing. I think she's become my most favorite female TV character - she's smart, gorgeous, driven, tough yet compassionate, with strong morals and really committed to being a cop, yet so extremely human. And then Castle - I loved him so much in the season finale! As I rewatch the show, I'm constantly amazed by just how very much those two have grown in all the best ways. I love the way their relationship has evolved over the series. Then there are all the supporting characters - I adore Castle's family, which is not exactly traditional yet so awesome - and the boys and girls on the station.

I can't believe how fond I've grown of all of them. It's not like the show doesn't have its own share of flaws, but it's grown on me in ways I didn't expect. And more evil cliffhangers! Season 7, you can't come soon enough!!!


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