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Title: Something Stolen
Author: [ profile] sheenianni
Fandom: White Collar

Characters/Pairings: Alex/Sara
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 1800
Summary: Alex and Sara meet in Amsterdam. Set around season 5 or 6.
A/N: Written for Round 4 of [ profile] runthecon for [ profile] pooh_collector’s prompt “Under the bed”.

I tag [ profile] sapphire2309 with the prompt “safety net”.


It was supposed to be a simple negotiation. And here Alex thought that today would be boring. )
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Title: Breaking Free
Medium: Fanart
Fandom: White Collar
Alexandra Hunter, Matthew Keller (past Alex/Keller)
Content Notice: Consent issues (implied)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: To help Neal out of trouble, Alex and Keller come up with a con that requires them to get married. Everything goes well – up until the moment when Keller refuses a divorce afterwards, not willing to give up the blackmail/abuse/taunting material. But Alex was never a pushover and ultimately she makes him set her free… Pre-series, AU.

A/N: This fills the prompt “Forced Marriage” on my H/C Bingo card. Probably my least favorite prompt on the card, but it’s still a fill :P.

Art under cut )
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Medium: Fanart
Fandom: White Collar
Alexandra Hunter, Elizabeth Burke, Sara Ellis
Rating: G
Summary: AU, crack. In the third moon of the year, three witches gather at midnight to create powerful spells.

Author’s note: This fills the prompt “Thunder and Lightening” on my Gen Bingo card.

Art under cut )
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The [ profile] wc_reverse_bb is finally here and I’m so happy to open it with one of my art prompts :D The Inception fusion was claimed by the awesome [ profile] sinfulslasher, and I really had a lot of fun making the art for her wonderful story.

Extraction has Neal leading a crew of thieves – sort of, as they don’t steal valuables but ‘extract’ thoughts and ideas from their targets’ minds. But when they’re hired to extract information from the head of Peter Burke, things are bound to get complicated…

Art under cut )


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