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Title: Sisterly Reunion
Medium: Fanart
Fandom: White Collar & Castle
Sara Ellis, Kelly Nieman (Emily Ellis?)
Content Notice: Dead body
Rating: PG-13 (bordering on R)
Summary: In a shocking turn of events, Sara is unexpectedly reunited with her sister. Now going by the name Kelly Nieman, Emily is a brilliant, confident cosmetic surgeon, and both sisters are eager to rediscover the bond from their childhood. But the closer they grow, the more Sara notices the odd little discrepancies about Kelly, and soon she realizes that there are things that don’t add up...

A/N: This fills the prompt “Serial Killers” on my H/C Bingo card.

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Title: Broken Things
Author: [ profile] sheenianni
Fandom: Castle

Characters/Pairings: Kate Beckett, Rick Castle, Lanie Parish; Beckett/Castle
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Friendship, Romance
Spoilers: Season 8 (up to S8E05)
Word Count: ~ 4,100
Summary: ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words–’ What about words? – Months after Kate resolves the case around “Locksat”, the latest Nikki Heat comes out and Kate realizes the truth about her relationship with Castle. Set in S8, likely to eventually become AU.
Beta credit: [ profile] aragarna

A/N: Written for my Gen Bingo card, for the prompt “Books are the Best Weapons”.


When Castle’s latest book finally comes out, the critics are all over it. Some of them praise it and call it his best work as of yet, others denounce it for its “controversial ending” and the “betrayal of the series’ core ideals”. Either way, the sales are through the roof, and there seem to be no end to the reviews, especially after the announcement that “Without Heat” might very well be the last book of the franchise.  )
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... and I really don't know what to think. On its own, I rather liked it, but in context of the previous week it feels completely off.
Warning: Spoilers )

Really, I think this episode should have happened either earlier or later in the season. Am I the only one who feels that way?
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A list of my stories sorted by fandom and length. Fics without a listed pairing are gen, at most with background canon pairings. Last update: December 2015.


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... which then turned into a bit of a Castle marathon as I went back to some episodes in Season 5 (I figured I've earned the break). It felt so great to rewatcch those episodes!

It's funny because I wasn't that crazy about the show when I first started watching it. I gave it a shot because it had Nathan Fillion and White Collar was on a break, and it turned out to be quite decent - I liked it, but didn't really love it. Then at some point, I stopped seeing it as the "filler" show for when WC isn't on and began to love it for its own merits.

I so enjoyed the finalle, and frankly most of the latest episodes (and season 5... and 4... and those before). I could gush for a long long time, but, just - Beckett. That woman is so freaking amazing. I think she's become my most favorite female TV character - she's smart, gorgeous, driven, tough yet compassionate, with strong morals and really committed to being a cop, yet so extremely human. And then Castle - I loved him so much in the season finale! As I rewatch the show, I'm constantly amazed by just how very much those two have grown in all the best ways. I love the way their relationship has evolved over the series. Then there are all the supporting characters - I adore Castle's family, which is not exactly traditional yet so awesome - and the boys and girls on the station.

I can't believe how fond I've grown of all of them. It's not like the show doesn't have its own share of flaws, but it's grown on me in ways I didn't expect. And more evil cliffhangers! Season 7, you can't come soon enough!!!


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