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Title: Something Stolen
Author: [ profile] sheenianni
Fandom: White Collar

Characters/Pairings: Alex/Sara
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 1800
Summary: Alex and Sara meet in Amsterdam. Set around season 5 or 6.
A/N: Written for Round 4 of [ profile] runthecon for [ profile] pooh_collector’s prompt “Under the bed”.

I tag [ profile] sapphire2309 with the prompt “safety net”.


It was supposed to be a simple negotiation. And here Alex thought that today would be boring.

“Wait, this is the person you spoke about?”

“Something wrong?”

“She’s not a fence, Jimmy,” says Alex exasperatedly. Idiot. Days like this are the reason she usually works alone.

The “fence” aka Sara “Ms. Insurance” Ellis watches her with a raised eyebrow, a mix of challenge and curiosity. Alex likes that look on her. She’s about 85 % sure that Jimmy and her other associate won’t resort to murder if they realize the truth about Sara. But the 15 % odds are still too high, and then she gets an idea that sounds simply marvelous.

Why not?

She comes to stand next to Sara. “This is Nicky. She’s a forger. Also, my girlfriend.”

Alex masks Sara’s startled jump by placing her arm around her hip and pulling her closer. “Hey, babe.”

She places a kiss against Sara’s neck. The move allows Alex to wander her hand a bit lower, stroking Sara’s thigh through her tight little skirt. Other motives aside, she has to check for bugs and wires – caution first, fun later.

Finally, Sara recovers from the initial shock. “Alex. Not here,” she says, pushing her away.

“If you don’t like giving them a show, you shouldn’t mess with my job, babe”, says Alex caustically with secret delight.

Jimmy frowns at them. “I don’t get it. What’s going on?”

* * *

Alex makes up a few lies and gives a half-assed explanation. In the end, it’s laughably easy to get rid of her associates. With a shy but infatuated smile, Sara lets Alex get them a cab. Unsurprisingly, the moment the cab turns the corner and Alex’s accomplices disappear in the distance, Sara drops her enamored act and pulls away to the other side of the car.

“So. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“The feeling’s mutual,” says Alex lightly. “I thought you were still in New York.”

“I moved away. You’re looking at the new VP of the Sterling&Bosch branch in London.”

“Congratulations. What about you and Caffrey?”

“Over. Would you throw away the opportunity of a lifetime if you knew he might disappear again at any moment?”

Alex nods. “You’re a pragmatic. I get your point.”

“I thought you might.”

They share a private smile before Sara turns serious and looks away. Despite the strong words, she’s still not really over Caffrey, thinks Alex even as she admires her profile. Then again, Alex can sympathize, given the number of years she spent hung up on Neal before finally moving on. He had that way of getting under people’s skin.

The cab stops. They get out and Alex pays the fee, and then they stand in the middle of a random street of Amsterdam.

“I’m looking for a Marquet,” says Sara when they’re not likely to be overheard.

Alex shrugs. “Then you’re barking up the wrong tree.”

“Really? Because your accomplice was insistent that he had a painting to sell.”

“What can I say? He’s a braggart and a liar.”

“You’re saying your little group didn’t steal a painting recently?” asks Sara in disbelief.

“As an honest citizen, I really resent your implication. But no. I’ve got no Marquet. Haven’t seen one myself for at least six months.”

After a moment, Sara reaches the suggested conclusion. “Not my painting, you say?” she asks suspiciously.

Alex shakes her head. “No, not this time.”

Sara nods slowly. “Okay.”

Alex flashes her a smile. “Okay.”

This is the moment when they could split apart.


“So, got any other plans?” asks Alex brightly.

Sara raises an eyebrow. “You got any suggestions?”

Alex laughs. “Well Nicky, as my girlfriend, what would you say if I asked you for a drink?”

* * *

They split the bill for the dinner. Alex then finds them a room at a hotel that’s as high end as they can find on a short notice, and Sara doesn’t ask for details – or maybe she’s too drunk to care.

There’s no room service, but they’re not going to need it anyway.

The moment Sara shuts the door behind them, Alex pushes her against the wall.

“God, you look so hot in these pants,” Sara gasps breathlessly when she breaks away from their kiss.

Alex smirks. “Should I keep them on, then?”

“Hell no.”

Sara pushes them inside, and Alex immediately slips a hand under Sara’s shirt, grasping at the naked skin before squeezing Sara’s breast through her bra. They kiss hungrily as they stumble through the room. It’s Alex’s turn to gasp for breath, and somehow Sara manages to pull off Alex’s top without breaking away for too long. Her whole body burning, Alex moves to reciprocate and reaches for Sara’s shirt –


They both fall to the ground as Sara stumbles over a forgotten chair.

“Stupid heels,” Sara curses when she rises up on one hand.

“Are you okay?” asks Alex in concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine… I swear, sometimes I hate these shoes.”

“Tell me about it. For what it’s worth, you look really good in them.”

Sara smiles. “Thanks.”

With both of them on the ground, Alex briefly contemplates their options.

She could make her move now. On the other hand, there’s a huge, soft and perfectly fine bed not too far away, and she’d rather not get a carpet burn on her back tonight, thank you very much.

Sara’s eyes flicker in the same direction. “Bed?”

“Fine with me.”

She shakes off her shoes and then offers her hand to Sara, helping her stand up. Alex fixes the chair and then follows Sara to her place on the bed.

She stops Sara when she bends down to take off her shoes. “Let me.”

There’s a think strap around Sara’s ankle with a tiny clasp that she needs to open before she takes off the shoe. A quick move of her fingers and the strap breaks free, but instead of immediately taking the shoe off, Alex starts stroking up Sara’s smooth leg. She goes all the way up until she gets to the little space where the legs meet, and then she squeezes and caresses through Sara’s panties, enjoying the victory when Sara falls back on the bed with a loud moan.

To the frustration of her partner, she then takes her hands away, and with basically no touch at all takes off Sara’s shoe.

She takes even more time with the other shoe, and she’s rewarded when she realizes Sara’s panties are already damp and they’ve barely done anything yet.

Alex grins breathlessly.

She could massage Sara’s feet, tease her ankles and the sides of her thighs with the touch of her hands and tongue until she drove her screaming with orgasm. Because she’s just that good.

But as great as Sara’s legs are, Alex wants to see more, wants to touch more, wants her breasts, her neck, her mouth and her cunt, and she’ll steal it all tonight because there’s a chance there won’t be a tomorrow.

She wants to stare into Sara’s eyes when she screams her name.

And she wonders for a second – wonders if Sara would be here if she wasn’t missing Caffrey, and she wonders how long it’s been since Sara last played her games with Landon Sheppard. What did they play with? Vibrators, dildos, most likely – but was there leather, cuffs, something else? She thinks Sara would look gorgeous all tied up and enjoys a brief flash of fantasy of the two of them and a light flogger.

But all Alex’s toys are at her place, and that’s not an option, at least not tonight.

She carefully pulls Sara’s panties down, and there’s flicker of excitement in knowing that Sara is completely dressed except for the panties that Alex just took off. She buries her head under Sara’s skirt, places a few soft kisses on her thighs and then licks her clit, but then before Sara can moan for more, Alex slips away from between her legs and stands up, looking down at her with a taunting smirk.

For a few seconds, she watches Sara shiver breathlessly on the bed. But then Sara sits up and gives Alex her best unimpressed look. “Well? Are we going to get started?”

“Well, don’t let me do all the work,” retorts Alex with secret delight.

She takes off her bra while Sara slips out of her shirt. Soon enough, their clothes end up all over the bed and the floor, and then they tumble on the bed, kissing, rubbing and grasping; a mess of limbs, sheets and hair, all tangled until they finally settle in one position and Sara starts humping vigorously against Alex’s leg.

She was lucky to meet Sara back when they were still trying to find the Nazi treasure, thinks Alex between gasps of pleasure. With a private smile, she recalls the talk they had when Sara was still dating Neal, right after she and Neal almost drowned, courtesy of Vincent Adler.

Back then, she thought it was a pity that Neal’s romantic view would never embrace something like the three of them. Now, she’s less certain she would have been able to share, and she’s looking forward to trying to take Sara for herself.

Then Sara’s hand hits her clitoris and Alex abandons all her thoughts, losing herself in feels and pleasure.

* * *

A couple hours later, Alex quietly climbs out of the bed, watching Sara still sleeping. For a moment, she just admires Sara’s naked body, enjoying the soft but firm curve of her ass, the gorgeous shapes of her breast and her lovely hair, spread like a red halo all over the pillow. It’s a real shame to cover that beauty with a sheet, but she can feel the cold creeping up now without the warmth of their close-pressed bodies, and it’s going to be even worse for Sara before the morning comes.

Alex has never been inconsiderate to her partners – even when she stole from them or set them up, she always made sure there was a way out.

She almost wants to stay until the morning, watch Sara wake up. She hasn’t felt that way in quite a while. It doesn’t matter – it’s not her style, and she doubts Sara would appreciate it anyway.

Alex picks up her clothes and gets dressed. She contemplates her next move for a long while, but then she decides and writes her number on a piece of paper which she folds into a lily-shaped origami, leaving it on the bed next to her sleeping lover. If Sara doesn’t call, then that’s it, and she’ll move on, no harm done.

No expectations. She won’t be anyone’s romantic fool. Besides, there are a few things she needs to resolve.

There is a Cézanne under Alex’s bed at her apartment right now. She’ll need to speed up the sale, just in case there is a second date.

Alex exits the hotel room and takes the elevator down. She takes a short walk from the hotel before finding an empty bench in a nearby park. She sits down and pulls out her little book of contacts, trying to decide who she’ll call in the morning.

They need to find a new fence.
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